About Navratri

Also known as Navratri, Navaratri, or Navarathri
What is Navratri?

Navratri is divided into sets of three days to adore different aspects of the supreme goddess. On the first three days, the Mother is invoked as powerful force called Durga in order to destroy all our impurities, vices and defects. The next three days, the Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi, who is considered to have the power of bestowing on her devotees the inexhaustible wealth. The final set of three days is spent in worshipping the mother as the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati. In order have all-round success in life, we need the blessings of all three aspects of the divine mother; hence, the worship for nine nights.

How it is celebrated in India?
In different parts of India, Navaratri is celebrated in a different ways. People from Guajarat (Gujarat is a state in the western part of India), worship Maa Ambe (Maa Durga) for nine days by fasting and doing traditional dancing (Raas and Gaarba) at nights, around the image of Maa Ambe.

How we celebrate it in USA?
Indian Americans, here in the USA, usually gather on weekends to celebrate such festive times.Every year, GIA brings Navratri to Prince William County and celebrate such festive times.
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About Navratri
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